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  Employment Opportunities

At First Step, our mission is to create high performance web based solutions for the business community. This mission is only possible if we have the industry's top employees on our "Team". That's why we are always on the lookout for talented and energetic people looking to make an impact - on their company and their world!

At First Step, we recently completed the acquistion of two award winning applications and are converting them to the WEB. We also create and maintain web applications for our customers.  If you're as excited about your own potential as we are about ours, we need you!

At our offices in Sausalito, employment opportunities are becoming available as we grow to satisfy demand for quality engineering skills.  These postings were last updated on: 1/15/00


No jobs available at this time.


Graphic Designer

Job Description:
This position will function as a Graphic Artist for customer applications. The position is responsible for designing and deriving graphic elements for our projects. Will design and acquire graphics, and design screen layouts and work with UI engineers on effects and dynamic presentation. 

Required Skills:
The qualified applicant should have 4-year degree in Graphic Design, or the equivalent, and 2 plus years experience in the print industry. Computer skills should include Illustrator, PhotoShop and word processing, with NT desktop troubleshooting background. Your portfolio is required.


     Sales and Marketing

No jobs available at this time.


Web Operations Manager

Job Description:
The Director of Web Operations is responsible for managing all hardware and applications relating to the efficient operation of First Step's web sites. This position will oversee all Web Operations activities including developing and implementing protocols, leading the Web Ops staff, coordinating and planning Web Ops objectives and projects, and managing outsourcing and vendor relationships.

Required Skills:
The qualified candidate will have a 4-year technical degree or equivalent experience and a minimum of 5 years experience in web operations and maintenance. Background should include experience with NT, SQL server (enterprise versions), IIS, Oracle, Unix environments and network experience with CISCO and other routing hardware and systems.

Network Engineer

Job Description:
Work as part of a team to assist in the planning, coordinating, configuring, installing, managing, and maintaining of local area networks to meet business requirements. Assist in the design and implementation of network architectures, including WAN/LAN interfaces, and WAN/LAN internetworking. Responsible for the identification and resolution of hardware, software, and carrier technical problems and malfunctions related to the network and routers. Contribute to decisions that are critical in the areas of throughput analysis, problem solving, and infrastructure planning with the potential to affect the successful execution of business transactions. Proactively research and locate necessary tools and processes to identify troublesome trends as they develop.

Required Skills:
2+ years experience. Understanding of LAN architecture, topologies, protocols, and troubleshooting techniques. Ability to solve network problems and manage the performance and capacity of a LAN. Experience in managing projects of varying size and scope. Ability to adapt and to apply rapidly changing technology to business needs. Ability to anticipate user requirements and identify and resolve complex problems with minimal supervision; strong oral and written communications skills as well as customer service skills. Strong knowledge of TCP/IP, switches, Cisco routers, DNS, Compaq servers, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft NT. Good judgement and analytical skills; strong follow-up and organizational skills.

Web Support Engineer

Job Description:
The Web Support Engineer will be responsible, as a member of a team, for installing and maintaining all of the hardware and software comprising First Step customers web servers, supporting the current products, including the Main Street product line as well as any future products. Will install Server hardware for the Production, Test, and Development Environments. Will install Windows NT Server, IIS, etc. on the various servers. Will maintain the above-named systems and software, including performance tuning, etc. Will work with the planning engineer to define requirements to meet future needs. Will work with the release team to install First Step customers software and content on these servers.

Required Skills:
Knowledge of Internet and web server technology required. An in-depth knowledge of Windows NT Server and IIS operation is highly desirable. Knowledge of Compaq Proliant Servers is highly desirable. Knowledge of Unix and Oracle systems is desirable. Any of MSCE, CNE, or other network certifications is desirable. ASET or more advanced degree is desirable.

Web Development Manager

Job Description:
The ideal candidate must have a working knowledge of all aspects of the software development life cycle. The applicant must be able to manage medium size teams with several direct reports. This person will be responsible for leading development teams of 10-15 people. The manager will be responsible for the various aspects of WEB site development for the company's WEB site. Duties will include design, scheduling, overseeing, walk-throughs, and inspections, hiring of developers, and interfacing with sales/marketing.

Required Skills:
We are looking for a person with 5+ years of software development experience. The qualified applicant will have a 4-year technical degree, at least 1 year of experience managing small development teams, and 2+ years of programming experience. Knowledge of NT 4.0, IIS 4.0, JavaScript, ASP programming and other aspects of WEB development are required.

Database Analyst

Job Description:
The DBA will install, tune and maintain the databases which store information for the various First Step products and websites. Installation of certain related systems, including email and ad placement systems may also be involved. This is a 'lead' position, with one or more database team members taking direction from the incumbent. Will install, tune and maintain Microsoft SQL Server, and/or Oracle database on NT and/or Unix-based Systems. Will input to development of new architectures for databases for customers and First Step's products. Will support email, ad placement, or other related systems.

Required Skills:
Strong database skills required. Background with supervisory/leadership skills. Strong familiarity with SQL7 is necessary. Familiarity with Oracle and Unix is highly desirable. BSCS or equivalent is highly desirable.

Planning Engineer

Job Description:
The Planning Engineer will be responsible for planning and implementing expansions to our customers websites. This planning will be based upon historical resource utilization patterns and projected user and usage growth, including normal subscriber growth, and that related to promotional events. Systems, software, license; certifications and facilities will all be acquired well in advance of projected critical need, to prevent any unnecessary downtime of the customers websites. Will monitor historical usage patterns vs. current usage levels. Will coordinate with Product Managers to anticipate promotional events, or other forces affecting resource utilization. Will project future system requirements for the First Step websites. Will schedule delivery of necessary hardware, software, system, and siting components as necessary.

Required Skills:
Background in the above mention description.

IT Technician

Job Description:
Respond to and resolve user problems and requests submitted to the help desk. Setup new computer equipment and peripherals. Maintain and repair existing computer equipment and peripherals as required. Setup and maintain user system accounts and e-mail accounts. Install, upgrade, and maintain end-user software. Assist systems and network engineers as needed. Assist with voice and data communications as needed.

Required Skills:
Associates Degree in computer science or related field or equivalent experience. Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in Windows 98 and/or Windows NT. Experience with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT Workstation v4.0, and Windows NT Server v4.0. Experience with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Office 98. Experience with TCP/IP, network fundamentals, Internet technologies, remote connectivity, and Intel CPU desktops and laptops. Experience with Sun Solaris and telephone switches a plus, but not required. Must be patient and able to work well with others during stressful situations. Strong verbal and written communication skills.

Web Developer, entry level

Job Description:
This position will use software tools to convert historical data from/to various formats. Will assist in building, correcting, expanding and maintaining data sets. Will perform quality assurance (QA) on converted/corrected data sets. Will write utility programs to automate repetitive tasks.

Required Skills:
The qualified applicants will have a 4-year technical degree, or the equivalent. Data conversion experience in OmniMark LE, Folio Filters, Segments and References (FSR), Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server or similar tools. OS experience in DOS and Window 95/98/NT. Programming experience in C/C++, Delphi, or Visual Basic. An understanding of relational databases is a plus.

Software Quality Engineer 2 (SQE2)

Job Description:
This position will function as a Software Tester. The Tester will receive reported software defects, will verify and isolate reported defects, and forward defects, as directed. Will receive notice of software changes from development, test relevant software, and report results of testing, as directed. The Tester will use a variety of tools and methods to locate defects in the company's software products, as directed. Will assist developers as requested and directed. Will create and maintain Test Plans and Use Cases, as directed. Will determine appropriate testing methods and procedures, as directed. Will automate test processes and procedures, as directed. Will learn and become proficient in further responsibilities of the SQE 3.

Required Skills:
The qualified applicants will have a 4-year technical degree, or the equivalent, plus 2-4 years testing experience.


 College students who are interested in internship opportunities at First Step should send their resumes to the address listed below, Attention: Internships.

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