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Network Implementation
for High Performance Network Solutions

One-stop shopping for complete, cost-saving implementation of your network solution

Whether you're installing a new network or expanding an existing one, First Step can provide the services you need to meet your implementation requirements quickly and cost-effectively -- from the workgroup to the enterprise.

Now there's one place to turn for all your implementation needs. Network Implementation gives you a single-source solution for project management, pre-installation planning, procurement, integration, staging, installation, and start-up services.

Depending on your particular requirements, these services can be provided for network systems software, network applications software, and network hardware for all network server, client, and infrastructure nodes; network management systems; your cable plant; server and client systems hardware and software; and popular client-based applications software such as mail systems, word processors, spreadsheets, and groupware.

First Step can manage your entire implementation. Or we can supplement your technical staff's efforts to ensure that planning and design objectives are met, scheduling and cost commitments are satisfied, and effective operational results are realized.


* Access network implementation expertise on a cost-effective, as-needed basis -- complement your internal capabilities with the knowledge and know-how of First Step's network consultants

* Speed and simplify the implementation process with a single source for all the assistance you require

* Reduce the risks associated with network implementation in your complex multivendor environment

* Select the specific kind and level of support you need from a full menu of service options

* Rely on First Step for complete network support solutions

Implementation success from start to finish
With Network Implementation, you can be confident that your project will be brought in on time, on budget, and to your exact specifications.

Based on network design documentation, First Step develops a comprehensive implementation plan defining the scope of your project and ensuring that all prerequisites are met. A statement of work itemizes all work to be performed and specifies timetables for completion.

A final implementation report details all equipment and software installed or upgraded, plus any applicable warranty or service obligations.

Maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness
Network Implementation lets you select from a broad range of options to create a support solution for your unique requirements.

Project management
First Step provides an experienced project manager to plan and oversee your entire network installation effort -- including coordination of work performed by third-party vendors.

Equipment procurement/acquisition
Rely on a single point of accountability for procurement of all hardware and software components -- whether from First Step or other vendors.

Pre-installation staging
Minimize disruption to your work environment. First Step can assemble, configure, and test servers, clients, and/or network products at a staging location, then deliver the fully operational network system to its point-of-use.

Product integration and installation
First Step unpacks, inspects, installs, connects, powers-up, configures, and tests all products specified in your Statement of Work. And First Step assists your system administrator and/or network manager in setting up the network parameters for all applicable installed products.

Depending on your specific needs, the following may be installed or integrated:

* Cable plant

* Network infrastructure hardware and software -- including hubs, bridges, routers, switches, gateways, modems, and CSU/DSUs

* Server hardware, network system software (operating system, network operating system, and/or protocol stacks), and standard network applications software

* Client hardware, network system software (operating system, network operating system, and/or protocol stacks), and standard applications software

* Network management system hardware and system software from most leading suppliers

On completion of the installation, First Step provides a designated administrator with a thorough orientation on the operation of your newly installed network elements.

Linking to external communications services
First Step takes responsibility for the provisioning of and connection to external communications links or networks such as common carrier private lines, switched lines, or other network services.

Acceptance testing
First Step prepares an acceptance test plan and/or conducts acceptance testing to your specifications.

As-built documentation
At project completion, First Step provides as-built drawings of the implementation -- a valuable resource for network management and maintenance.

Complementary network support solutions
In addition to network implementation, First Step offers comprehensive network design services, as well as capabilities that span the network life cycle -- including network planning, installation, integration, operations management, help desk support, training, and ongoing maintenance.


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